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For quality development and growth of our youngest family members is of great importance to have their own corner - peaceful, joyful and secure. When planning children's room, you must first think about functionality - the child's daily activities and furniture and accessories that will help in carrying out these activities, and make them as comfortable as possible. Also very important is the aesthetics of space - the colors and shapes that will give a note of fantasy. In our range of children's rooms except classical composition, we offer a wide range of modular and functional children's and youthful room. Combining a wide possibility of different elements, ensure the functionality and allows maximum use of space. The most important characteristics are high quality and environmentally friendly goods (furniture made of solid wood and MDF, all treated with ecological varnish or oil, with rounded edges and implanted with high quality invisible fittings) and a wide range of colors.

Combination of colors (RAL palette) and different combinations of elements, provides each child their own space for a comfortable sleep, play and learning, and significant is the fact that the modularity of elements offers the possibility of adaptation to different stages of growing, so the room of the child "grows" together with the child.

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