rezidencijalni namjestaj

Home under the umbrella of diversity

(Determinants in designing the furniture and living area)

Experts, who deal with analysis of trends, stand out that today's people feel great uncertainty and insecurity, and that is precisely why they retreat to the safety of their "four walls" where they have all the breadth and freedom of expression of their own creativity. They clearly and unequivocally choose products that are far from cheap production. Moreover, for all products is a clear orientation towards the furniture of exceptional quality and highly appreciated often eco-friendly materials with quality finishing, the comfortable design that can spread to the strange and eccentric shape.

In every respect, the influence of the external world is reflected in the interior of living space, which is reflected in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere of home require in relation to products and producers. Increasingly seeks comfortable, soft and refined furnishings. Leads to mixing of the functional units of the apartment, living room become listening studio, reading and working area, bedroom and dining room, and straight lines between the bathrooms and other rooms, disappears more. Requirements are different as there are different levels of individual development and space.

Flexibility and creativity in every segment of the furniture and equipment, as well as space is required. Our habits are not only one that makes our character changeable. Residential area is also subject to modifications and flexible forms. All parts of the apartment, especially the area between the entrance area and kitchen, terrace and living room is fluid and changeable. All the ingenious forms and functions of the elements of the furniture, the use of completely new materials and methods of individual parts are present. Chairs, tables, armchairs and shelves are not just blend sculptural decorations with functions derived from a variety of plastics or metal, glass or even concrete, but regularly contain additional hidden function, disassembly parts or materials with ease to use and definitely clearly stated purpose of the product.

Professional interdisciplinary team Ferencic Ltd. will offer you solutions for demanding interiors, from concept to detailed project and equip with the furniture from our offer, or according to your requirements, produced in our factory. In addition to furniture we offer interior doors and windows, which patterns and designs can be arranged with furniture and the whole interior.


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