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Sleeping culture

A third of life we spend sleeping, say the experts in the field of medicine. However, how we sleep and the time we spent sleeping, is it well enough for rest and regeneration of our body? Modern lifestyle, short sleep time in favor of alertness, performance or opportunities resulting sleep disturbances, insomnia, restless dreams result in poor regeneration of the body. According to the results of many studies, there is an increasing number of people who suffer from the problems of the cardiovascular system, back pain, neck and head, occurring diseases of the spine and muscle-bone deformities. These facts show how modern people's health is at risk, and experts in the field of medicine, orthopaedisst, somnologists, psychologists and others, work together with other experts such as designers, constructors, manufacturers and sellers of furniture in order to preserve health. World of dreams and the concept of sleeping – and ''smart'' technology developed into perfection construction-mattress beds have opened up the area of healthy sleep as completely independent category, as the combination of completely new concepts and ideas of healthy living culture and new tastes and habits of users.

Despite the similarities in the external shape and dimensions, each mattress in fact does not necessarily need to be ''Mattress''. There are different types of mattresses: classic mattress which internal structure is filled with „Bonell“ springs, or „pocket“ spring core, then a mattress made of latex or cold cast foam or Tempur foam mattresses, all are covered with classic cotton cover or cover with the addition of special fiber containing the essence of aloe vera or eucalyptus or mattresses with built-in brand new technology of water and air chambers or acoustic sensors.

When choosing the bed, take special attention to mattress and mattress support!
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