Clearly, the kitchen is now in every segment of itself subject of transformations. Integrated into homes, studios or apartments, combined with living room, yet hidden within its large-format panels, with perfect built-in power processing equipment, including Internet technology and ergonomic details.

Kitchen now builds a new level of use, based on high sophisticated and IT equipment, the simplicity and purity of line, the use of cold materials (such as steel, aluminum or plastic), together with the use of warm wood and wood materials, and even stone or decent handle shape (which are often hidden or not) and other fine details, offers an open and very refined place to enjoy and celebrate the ritual of preparing the food.

High functionality, ergonomics, and new materials are not only a few attributes of a contemporary kitchen. Taking the conceptual approach to design, this segment has more a spiritual and cultural formulation. The presence of emotions and a healthy living environment, from food preparation to the ways of its consumption goes to the philosophical sphere.

Open kitchen with an island in the middle calls for communication and central events. Devices that are in the area, such as refrigerators, ovens, stoves, or microwave, and other follow contemporary design concepts, make one housekeeper's difficult process of working like fun and entertainment, enabling comfort, convenience and emotions.

When designing a kitchen, we recommend large, clean and simple panels that hide long shelves which replace the former store. Cupboard doors open with lift or to side, drawers with built-in LED lights that are lit when opening, the cabinet can be integrated with lighted glass shelves and the height of kitchen worktops raised on 90 to 95 cm.

Design favorites are technologically perfect mounting ovens, hotplates and sinks with built-in taps, as well as combinations of natural or artificial stone, steel or aluminum with wood or wood panels or foil-coated boards or compact with surface treatment matte or gloss.

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